Dude, Where's My Laptop?

Oh, that's right, I left it at home this evening. I didn't mean to leave it there. I met with friends "in town" in the late afternoon for dinner. Dinner turned into hanging out, hanging out turned into going over to someone's house, then a second glass of wine and one bowl of stupendously amazing ice-cream later, it was too late to go home and regroup for work. So I did what any self-respecting Gen-X slacker geek would do: crashed on the couch at work until it was time to punch in for the evening. A long explanation to say no laptop, no animal pics this post.

In the meantime, I'm reading (well, not tonight, because I left that at home as well) Temple Grandin's book "Animals in Translation" (thanks Mom K!). Only a few short chapters into the book, but already I understand why our geese think the color yellow is evil, and why Spouse and I see household dirt differently. More on the book, and the farm, once I get my @ss and head going in the same direction*.

Now, where's that coffee?

[*Don't hold your breath. This could take awhile.]


  1. It feels a little naked w/o a laptop, eh? I like to have it nearby always...another gen-x geek thing? I guess so

  2. I just told my husband I didn't want a laptop or internet on my phone... it would just make the addiction worse. :)

  3. @warren - yeah, probably :-). Once I got an iPhone, I didn't feel the need for the laptop as much while travelling, but it's still not great for in-depth blog writing and such.

    @The Cotton Wife - you are wise beyond your years. ;-)


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