My Newest Helper

Yep, it's a high-pressure spray nozzle. We purchased it from a local Harbor Freight Tools, which is like a dollar store for the frugal do-it-yourself-tool-geek. I've used other nozzles and sprayers in the past to clean "the poop deck"* (a.k.a. the wrap-around porch) that the geese like to frequent, but those nozzles always required at least some bending over and extra effort. Even with the extra effort, oftentimes the spray would never quite get the concrete clean. I was considering purchasing a low-end pressure washer until I saw this item and decided to try one last time. This brass beauty, set to "stun", can darn near peel paint off a board with no more help than me directing its flow.

Hooray for inexpensive working solutions!

P.S. Oh yeah, and the dogs can't easily eat it.

[*phrase courtesy of Natalie at http://www.chickenblog.com ]


  1. Harbor Freight rocks. Even if most of what is made there comes from China *sigh*. Sometimes the simplest tools are the best.

  2. Awesome! I haven't had one of those nozzles in my arsenal for quite some time, so thanks for the reminder. Our poop deck is scandalous!


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