Small Farm Livestock Owners - Comment on NAIS

This entry is for those of us who raise and maintain our own small population of livestock, whether as pets, for milk and eggs, or for meat. Those of us who also like to eat local and purchase such things from small sustainable farms, please read as well. Many thanks!

Not familiar with the government's proposed NAIS program? Please read this: http://nonais.org/but-what-is-nais/ Then if you feel moved, please read below on how to comment on the Federal Register during this window of allowed public input. Further below is one woman's submission.

Karen writes:

I submitted my comments to the Federal Register for the new proposed NAIS regulation. I will copy and paste them below as an example of what one might write. I encourage EVERYONE to comment on this proposed rule, even if you do not own the livestock currently proposed to be affected (this opens the door to the rest) AND even if you will never own any livestock. If you like to eat local foods, this WILL affect you. To comment, click on this link: http://www.regulations.gov/fdmspublic/component/main?main=DocketDetail&d=APHIS-2007-0096
The first entry is the regulation itself. To comment, click on the yellow balloon next to that document:

I would also suggest taking the time to read the many other excellent comments for ideas. Remember that it sometimes takes a few days before your comments appear.

Go to this link to read Karen's (not related to Auntie Karen) comments to the proposal.


  1. NAIS needs to implemented with those importing/exporting cattle across countries, not state line.

    Yes, it suppose to be voluntary, here is the clause that will make it mandatory-
    "Individual States may choose to keep participation voluntary or not, based on local needs." http://animalid.aphis.usda.gov/nais/why/top_reasons.shtml

    States have already required children in 4h or FFA to microchip their animals or not compete. It will take very little time for each state to conform to this program for more taxes, and to be the better "big brother."

    I mean really why are we upset? They are only looking out for us, right? We've only tended to these animals for years, worked together as farmers and ranchers, know are stock like we know the jeans we put on in the morning. Therefore the added expense of micro-chipping only makes sense our animals can now be tracked anywhere they go.

    The next step will be to replace social security numbers with micro- chipping our children.

  2. I see your initial entry on NAIS was in 2009, and it's now Oct 2012, but with this latest legislative drive by APHIS, we are getting closer and closer to 'big brother' watching us, knowing all!!! I am a small time hobby breeder of pedigree cats, [only 3 females], but we are also 'encouraged', to register our cats. I HATE it. Pay attention, people. fs in NC


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