Owie Owie Owie!

Godzilla was just doing his job. I was trying to herd Billy-Bob out of the gaggle (for reasons I'll get into below), and Billy-Bob was using the females as cover... which led Godzilla to mistakenly believe I was hassling the females. Uh-oh.

Godzilla got a good beak-hold on the back of my knee (through the jeans, no less), and wing-beat the living sh*t outta my leg. He remained latched on until my attention was directed towards him, and then gave me a couple more beats for good measure. Once it was clear I was no longer going after "his girls", he let go. I'm really proud of him, despite the hurtin' he put on my leg. He's doing his job: full-force offense when needed, then letting go when danger is over. Good boy!

On the other hand, Billy-Bob's personality has recently gone from charmingly cranky to down-right mean. He's getting rough with the ladies, and is bullying and interrupting Godzilla's wooing as well. We've enough ladies for them both, so it shouldn't be a matter of competing for scarce females. The past few mornings we've taken to isolating Billy-Bob from the group until they've had a chance to eat some greens in peace, then let him out when they come over to the pen to "see" him. I realize it's getting to be mating season, but mean poultry/fowl get eaten, and if he doesn't calm his crotchety-@ss down soon, he's going to become Sunday dinner. Seriously. The only question will be the method in which to do so.

[pics: back of my knee (do you know how hard it is to take a pic at that angle?), and Godzilla in the Mist.]


  1. Isn't it amazing how much those wings can hurt?! In my experience, the second in command male is always the meanest (I guess he's more frustrated). Good luck!! :)

  2. OWwwwwwwuh.
    He's lucky you walk away feeling proud and not vengefully hungry!

  3. http://www.epicurean.com/featured/goose-with-chestnut-stuffing-recipe.html

  4. Hi - I just found your blog via Mary Jane's farm. You are an inspiration. Now if only I could get my husband on board!

    love, Emily


  5. Geese are good food - I say go for it. Like you, I commend Godzilla for doing his job, and not tipping over into mean, but that owie looks like it hurt. I think Billy-Bob getting rough with the ladies is the characteristic that should move his expiration date up. Keep us posted on the recipe.

  6. I dunno...I think most geese are ultimately kind of a-holes. Ours certainly is. Spouse wisely points out that without the competition, Godzilla may become just as aggressive. Just a thought.

    That said, chestnut stuffing is always fabulous :)

  7. @Emily: hello, and welcome!

    @warren: I was originally thinking "strangle, hatchet or rifle-shot", but I like your style :-D.

    @Karen - perhaps, but Godzilla was always a sweetie, especially since we raised him as a gosling and he bonded with us. That said, being near mating season, I'm not surprised he chomped. Usually he just does the head-down-neck-shaking thing if he think's we're hassling the womenfolk. Otherwise, he and the gaggle will hang out next to me when I sit on the lawn :-).


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