Independence Days Challenge: August 10, 2009

Forgot to update last week's challenge, but didn't have much to report anyway. This week, pretty much the same:

Plant something: Nope! If I can shake this cold quickly enough, will get raised beds ready this week for Fall planting. Maybe I'll finally get those seeds ordered.

Harvest something: Eggs, of course! The chickens have another non-coop, clutch-in-the-wild going (ahh, the joys of free-ranging chickens), gotta find it else next week's co-op sales will be mighty paltry. Snagged some basil out of the garden to add to the "preserve something" below...

Preserve something: Made herb infused olive oil with basil. Most of the basil was from CSA & co-op orders, but some from our garden.

Reduce waste: Experimented with having geese & chickens weed our small veggie garden bed. Except for the chickens eating the tomatoes, they all did a bang-up job. Made first-ever batch of goat milk yogurt - estimate I'll save over half the cost of store bought, and cut down on all those plastic containers. And it was dang tasty, to boot! Oh, and there was the bicycling to the co-op adventure (see blog entry "Hills Be Not Proud") - although it wasn't a planned event, still saved gas.

Preparation & Storage: Bought shelving for additional storage - will store little-used kitchen equipment on extra shelves in bedroom closet, freeing up more space in the kitchen pantry for canned goods.

Build Community Food Systems: sold eggs through the co-op, and purchased vegetables through same.

Eat the Food: Yep. Last thing eaten was home canned chicken broth. This morning will be muesli that's soaked overnight in homemade yogurt.

You can play too! See Sharon Astyk's Independence Days Challenge.

[Pic: Specklebutt with her chick, seven feet high up the cedar tree. Chick was not amused.]


  1. Your picture of Specklebutt is "calancer worthy." Nice shot. MEB

  2. Specklebutt and her high-flying chick are totally calendar worthy. Jeez louise, for someone feeling under the weather you have been wicked busy. I'm impressed.

  3. The chick is a little chip off the old block for sure -- same scowl around the beak and Chance is right -- you were the busy bee this past week.

  4. The chick can fly? He looks all "wtf, mom?"

  5. All: I don't feel like I've been all that busy!

    Wish the photo had turned out a bit more in focus - took with the cell phone, and it's not as quick on the draw as the regular camera.

    @Virgotex: I think the chick scooted up one long branch, from trunk to limb. Regardless, that little chickie has one heck of a vertical jump. Feel like I should start negotiating with the NBA!


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