Goose Pool Project

Spouse and I are clutching our respective backs and groaning every time we have to stand up. Yep, it's been project time! We are almost finished putting in a permanent goose pool against the side of the shady hill. The dogs are constantly tearing holes into the plastic kiddie pools we currently use for the geese, and there's only so much recycling of those darn things we want to do...

The new pool is roughly 6'x3' with 2' available depth for the water. We used some old railroad ties left by the previous owner for structure, staking the ties down with rebar. The pond will be lined with a fish-safe pond liner, and then cement pavers will lay on top of the pond liner so the dogs can't (easily) tear thru it when they play.

A pond filter & pump will go into the deepest part, which should keep me from having to clean out the water every day. More pictures as the project finishes up...


  1. That's cool. Looks like your digging through limestone. What is your source of water? meb

  2. Love the fact you are using recycled railroad ties for this project. Should give it a "broken in" look to complement your landscape. Make sure to post pics of the finished pond. With geese swimming in it, of course. :) Take care of your backs.

  3. Heck, make another of those and call it your hot tub! It'll do wonders for your sore backs!

  4. @ Svandemoore- The geese and the dogs have found it and I am happy to report that it still has water in it. D.A. should be posting pics pretty soon.
    @ warren - I won't be hot tubing in any open water around here until they discover that dirty dog bath water combined with internally processed goose feed cures irritability and the failure to pick correct lottery numbers and maybe not even then.

  5. Better you than us. I convinced DH to build us a pond at our last house, and he says never again! We used one of those preformed plastic ponds, and between digging the hole for it, then hauling and laying all the stone to hide the edges, I think I just about killed him! Then we'd get a heavy rain, water would seep down under the plastic form, and the next thing you know it has popped up out of the ground, and he has to redo all the stonework!

  6. MEB: the water is from our well. Took only 20 minutes to fill the pool, according to Spouse. Looks like there's actually 18" of available depth - the water barely comes up to the dog's bellies.

    HCH: Aha! Those pre-formed pools always looked like a PITA to install anyways; now there's even more reason not to get one.


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