Bugs That Go Crunch in the Night

Here's a quick lesson in gardening: always watch your cabbages, broccolis and other tasty greens, else they'll end up looking as skeletal as mine do in this pic. Once again, I'm happy to be here as an example of what not to do. You're welcome!

Seriously, however, you can control those brassica-eating worms and no-see-'ems with an organically approved Bt or a spinosad-based spray. If you look closely at the picture (or click to enlarge), you can see the plant is starting to recover with new leaves in the middle, four days after the original treatment. I went ahead and planted additional broccoli, cabbage, collards and other greens alongside the recovering plants, just in case the original plants don't make it. And if they do survive? Well shucks, I'll just have to think of something to do with all those tasty greens!


  1. Well, here's hoping for a full recovery and an overabundance of greens!

  2. Always someone competing for your greens! Your situation looks pretty extreme, but I have also had success with Hydrogen peroxide spray, diluted with water, early on (changes the pH on the surface of the leaf, which makes it "look weird" to predators), and crushed eggshells or shredded white paper over the row (confuses nearsighted cabbage moths into thinking the place is too crowded with other moths).

  3. Thanks for the well wishes, Susan!
    Sara - I'll have to try out the crushed eggshells, great tip, thanks!


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