Fur in motion stays in motion:

Unless something catches it's attention:

Then it's back to motion again.


  1. Great pictures of your adorable furballs in play. I'm gonna have to follow you, hope you don't mind. Particularly interested in your Goose Pool! -Tammy

  2. Hey Tammy, no problem and welcome!

  3. Hysterical, I love this. So true! Clicked over from Andrea's blog, Rural Revival. I haven't had time for MONTHS to check out new blogs. Love yours, I'm coming back!

    I'm like you, all over the place. Since I'm a new country gal, only a year here in KS, sometimes I feel like I have ADD!!!

  4. Welcome, Oz Girl! Your recipe for fried oatmeal slices look fantastic. Gonna have to try those out!


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