Holy Smokes, It Was A Busy Weekend!

So, what did we do this weekend?
  • We purchased an air compressor for power tools, and an impact hammer with a half-dozen chisels.
  • We purchased the 8-foot round stock tank for Phase One of "Goose-Landia".
  • We purchased a better pond liner and other materials for a re-do of the hillside goose pond (version 2).
  • We purchased 7 cubic yards of pea gravel.
  • We rented a backhoe/loader for the weekend.
And what did we do with all that stuff, pray tell?
  • We re-dug the hillside goose pool so that there will be a lip and "french drain" on the side of the pool that faces the hill. No more muddy water!
  • We leveled and lined the Goose-Landia stock-tank hole with the pea gravel. (Leftover pea gravel will be used to re-line our walkways).
  • We used that blessed, blessed impact hammer to chisel rocks out of the side of the 1st goose pool, so that we could better arrange the interior/exterior design.
  • We used the backhoe to
    • dig holes for two more pomegranate bushes,
    • level, load and dump gravel into the stock tank hole
    • push back soil around the newly installed stock tank, and then
    • load a massive amount of mulch onto the tow trailer so I can move it to & re-mulch the many areas in need around the house.

Spouse says he wants a backhoe/loader for Christmas, and I don't think he means the toy John Deere ones we have at the local feed store. Anyhow, there are a boatload of stories to go with each project, and I'm gathering the photos to back them up. More posts, soon!

[Pic left: me with the impact hammer/chisel. Bless those air compressor tools! (Note to "Auntie" Jan: yes, those are safety glasses I'm wearing, I promise.) Pic right: the John Deere backhoe we can afford right now. Probably not much power at 1:50 scale, but it'd be a start, eh?]


  1. love to see more photos of the homestead

  2. Golly! All we did was evict the cat from her bedroom and move her litterbox downstairs. I was feeling pretty accomplished. :)

  3. Used loaders can be had for under 10 grand...just sayin'

    I want partial credit on Christmas morning...he'll be so happy!


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