The Peahens Have Returned!

They came back, bright & early the next morning. The peahens hung out with the chickens, and were even woo'd by Peeper the beta roo (who was chased off by Lucky, the alpha roo - guess the roos think the peahens are really big female chickens).

I still don't know where they go off to at night to sleep, but they've got 8 acres to roam and plenty of trees to perch upon, so it could be just about anywhere.


[Euterpe on the porch railing. They were munching on the dog food earlier. Yep, definitely part of the flock now. All the birds love the dog food. ]


  1. How wonderful that they came back. You must be a good mummy to them :-)

  2. lovely photo...
    I am not a lover of peacocks but they do look quite beautiful in your photos!

  3. They seem to be prone to escaping and choosing their own homes. Here in Northern Indiana, there was a little flock of 4 peahens and one peacock that escaped from somewhere and roamed the area for years. They'd dissapear for a while, and we'd figure they either went back to their home farm, or the coyotes got them, and then they'd appear again, grazing on somebody's ripe fruit, or strutting around in the middle of a chicken flock.

    I was most startled by them one winter day when I was out cross country skiing through the back acreage of a few farms near us. It was a quiet, overcast, cold winter day and I had the world to myself as I chuffed along fencerows and past a few lone cows out in a field. As I puffed my way up a hill past a barn, lost in thought and trying to catch up with my breath, I heard a little flutter near the open barn half door just ahead. I lifted my head to be shocked by a blast of sound from just a few feet away as the peacock went into full furious display to challenge my intrusion into his quiet world!

    Left me shaking and weak-kneed for a while and I tried to keep better track of the world around me for a while! That's such a loud, startling, and very foreign call they have, but they sure do leave a lasting impression.

  4. @Sara & @John - thank you both!

    @Trailshome - they do have a rather distinctive voice, can see how it'd scare a person who wasn't expecting it!


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