Blooms Amidst the Ice

The rosemary is blooming like gangbusters, despite the freezing overnight temps and recent ice. Must be the liberal applications of soiled goose-pool water it receives on a semi-weekly basis. ["Mmm, goose poop."]

Am hoping the other perennials I've plans to plant will do as well. Currently in queue once the weather warms up:

  • Hops rhizomes/vines to provide porch shade, some animal fodder, and perhaps beer making.
  • Passionfruit vines - fantastic fruit, and very hard to get fresh/local. We're at the colder edge of its year 'round outdoor tolerance, but am taking a chance.
  • Goji berry bushes, which will probably be easier to grow here in TX than carrots, and more beta-carotene.
  • Two different types of lavender, which I know grows well here.

Upcoming trees: two bay laurels.

It's been a long week. Off to get more coffee, and counting down the minutes until my shift is over. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. nothing kills rosemary except putting in a container and not watering.

    When I tell people there are lavender farms around here, the first response is usually disbelief.

  2. I can confirm the container kills rosemary. I had 2 awesome plants in containers that did great all summer. I brought them in for the winter and they died quickly. It wasn't a water issue...just sadness I guess!

    In other news, I just ordered a flip camera like yours! I can't wait!

  3. Homebrew on order, with fresh hops - I envy this addition. What do goji berries taste like?

  4. A deep, envious sigh over garden plans... I love your plans and look forward to hearing all about your first brew.
    Start thinking up names for the label...
    "Goose Water Beer" is my first suggestion! Probably not a pale ale.

  5. @warren - looking forward to new vids on your site. You'll dig the Flip, its dead easy to use.

    @Chance - most folks say it tastes like a cross between a cherry and a cranberry. They're best used dried, like raisins.

    @Natalie - "Goose Water Beer" - I about spit out my coffee reading that! Hee!


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