Garden Planning Class

Sharon Astyk ("she's my favorite doomer!") is starting up her on-line course on designing and working on a food garden this week. This course will cover everything from having your own country property to container gardening on an apartment balcony. My money is currently tied up in other things at the moment, but Sharon generously posts class content on her web site, and her co-teacher, Aaron, will be posting on his web site as well.

So, why join the class at all? The cool thing about joining the actual class is the chance to talk with others who are doing the same thing, and getting direct answers back from Sharon and Aaron, as well as a phone meeting with Sharon to discuss issues more in-depth. She still has a few spots available, so snag one if you can. Even more than Sharon's & Aaron's information, the participants always bring a wealth of additional information and experience to the conversation. Enjoy!

EDIT: corrected Aaron's name... sorry 'bout that! *sheepish grin*


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