Posting to be Erratic

Posts will be erratic for the next seven days or so, as I'll be recovering from surgery (no worries, it's all good). It'll be a great chance to catch up on some sleep as well. And then there's the grass seed that needs to be sown, vegetable seeds to be ordered, berry plants that need transplanting, and...

[wait, aren't I supposed to be resting and recovering at some point?]


  1. Best wishes for a quick recovery. We'll miss you.

  2. Fast recovery please - love the photos. :)

  3. Speedy recovery and what kind of grass seed are you planting? I have grown weary of the battle for grass. Just curious.

  4. Good wishes for you, and for spouse and household. Sending stress free calm chicken soup energy.

    If you have cable, Dan Cruikshanks archaology series on Ovation is excellent eye candy for under medication couch surfing rehab.


  5. We'll miss you bad, but rest, read and the grass will wait. Even if it is all good, you still need rest after surgery - the after effects can be a sort of hangover that lasts for a while. Look forward to your new posts when yr feeling better.


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