The Glower of Doom

Broody chicken? No problem. Broody goose? Now we're talking! I'm having to use a big rubber water bowl as a shield against this little girls snapping jaws in order to safely get the other goose eggs out of the kennel.

If she can't scare you off with her Glower Of Doom, she will gnaw your arm to the bone if you get within reach. I know, I have the bruises to prove it. Thankfully, I still have all my fingers.

[Pic: Dr. Girlfriend, aka "Aflac" because of her deep squawk. Click the picture to feel the full force of her stare.]


  1. Oh, there's so much to look forward to in the next few months.

    Mine will be in that sour state of mind around the first of May or so. I have two that generally will set for the duration. They've gotten used to me I guess when I go to collect the eggs in the other boxes.

    They don't get too cranky, but I still don't trust 'em.

  2. That is one cranky looking goose. You are very brave, I wouldn't cross her. Hang on to those fingers...


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