Guard Geese

Morning came a little too early today. I was sleeping on the couch to get away from Spouse's CPAP mask noise, which was making all sorts of whistles and wheezes (time for a new mask). The geese started squawking... and squawking... and SQUAWKING. At first it sounded like a post-wooing self-congratulation session, but as the squawking carried on for longer than usual, I got up to investigate. No sooner had my feet hit the floor there was a knock on the door by an out-of-breath Staci, our neighbor from a land parcel over. Although still in their overnight pen, the geese were generously announcing Staci's presence. "We found your dogs playing in the road. We tried to catch them, but they got away." [Staci, her mother Carol, and Staci's brother in-law were all on their way to work, but stopped to try to catch the dogs, and then kindly waited until Spouse & I was up and out. Thank you!]

After a half hour of searching, we finally found the dogs, leashed them, and brought them home. After finishing cussing and catching our breath - and me getting a first cup of coffee - we discussed how loud the geese can get, and agreed with other's assessments on what good guards geese can be. "You can't bribe a goose", Spouse mused, "and they dislike all humans on general principle. Even if you try to distract them with food, they'll continue to squawk, and get even louder."

Honestly, when they're riled up, they sound like angry chimpanzees ready to fling poo at any moment. Wouldn't that give you second thoughts about trespassing?

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