It's Valentine's Day, and All is Well

Spouse and I used to celebrate Valentine's/President's Day weekend with a ski trip. Neither of us are in good enough physical shape to do so this year, and with the responsibility of taking care of our furred and feathered charges, don't have the time to do so anyway. How are we celebrating?

We're watching the antics of the geese, chickens and dogs. We're talking about what we'd like to grow in the vegetable and herb beds. We're eating good home-cooked meals together, and will maybe watch a movie later on. Its all very low key, and I'm liking it that way. Here's to you and yours - warmth, love and joy as we head into Spring.

[pic: Bandit with two of the geese. Will get more pics as I continue healing up.]


  1. I love low key! Enjoy, my friend! :)

  2. @Natalie, @farm_mom: It's a relief for us both not to have to worry about getting the "right" cards, gifts, etc.


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