Oh Goody Goody, Look Who's Broody

Nutmeg the Cubalaya chicken-dog has a bad case of the broodies. So bad that she rarely gets out of the coop. To ensure she's getting some feed and water, I've been taking her out of the coop in the morning when I put out the fresh corn and mixed greens treat that all the chickens get (yeah, they're spoiled).

It takes her a second or two shake off the broody mindset after I set her on the ground. Once she's cleared her mind, however, she'll quickly scarf down some greens and peck some fresh corn, then run-run-run into the chicken pen to scarf down some water and feed, then scoots right back into the laying box. She's got a cracked porcelain egg that she's keeping nice and toasty, day and night, and I daresay it loses only a couple of degrees of heat before she's right back on it.

I'm hoping she'll shake the broodiness soon. I miss my little buddy.

[Hmm. Maybe I need to get out more.]


  1. I can't remember if you have a rooster. I have four black star hens that are my best setters and they have hatched chicks over the years.

    You are such a mom. But it's probably best just to let your girls set. They will get up and get water and food when they need it. A good setting hen is priceless. Most hens won't sacrifice so much time and effort to hatch babies.

    I love broody hens. Always so cranky and pre-occupied in their own little world.


  2. @S_Vandemore: no roosters yet, but we're getting two rooster chicks to raise in April. One for the pot, and one to protect the girls :-).

    Nutmeg is indeed cranky, but she stops "growling" at me when I pet her. I loves my little chicken dog!

  3. You are so completely sweet on your girls...I *saw* you twitter your chicken love song this morning. Great photo, BTW, she does look like a broody angel. I agree with Snow, your master mother hen is priceless, she is going to love it when the manly roosteros come along and she has chicks...I say let her run with it, keeping her porcelin egg warm, dreaming of more, um, productive days to come.

  4. Hello, nice to meet you. We are two farmers trying to be geeks, and learning how to use Linux and open source programming!

    Good luck with your broody hen, we are waiting for some young pullets to lay their first eggs.

  5. @Chance: it's ridiculous how besotted I am with the chickens and geese. Nutmeg is usually the pecking order enforcer, but her Cubalaya "sister", Cinnamon, has taken over the duties in the meantime. Funny how the smallest chickens in the bunch are the biggest bad@sses... *lol*!

    @Freija and Beringian Fritillary - welcome to the blog! Looking forward to hearing more once you get your girls :-).

  6. Lady Betty Orpington is in the same routine. I really gotta ruffle her feathers before she will eat or drink. I wish I could give her a real (fertile) egg or two... someday.


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