OMG! Goose Eggs!!!!

Went out this morning to take a photo of what had been looking suspiciously like a goose nest site, and found this:

Ohmigawd! Ohmigawd! Ohmigawd! SqueeeEEEEE!!!!

Miraculously, none of the geese were around, so I quickly stuffed the eggs under my shirt and rushed them into the house. Here's how the two goose eggs on left compare to our chicken's eggs, with the largest Ameraucana chicken egg (approximately Extra Large sized) being the greenish one in the middle:

And geek that I am, I had to measure the largest chicken egg against the largest goose egg:

Wow! I mean, I know this is nothing to folks who have raised geese all their life, but just wow!

EDIT: Just cooked up the smaller egg, over easy, with a little salt & pepper. It tastes absolutely divine. Not at all gamey like some folks have experienced.



    That is teh awesome!

  2. Wow -- congratulations! The big egg is a monster -- do you have plans for a lovely omelette de goose egg? Hey, aren't you sposed to be in bed, like, resting? LOL, lasted about a minute and then had to get yr farm on.

  3. Holy moley! That's awesome! You'd have to bake 3 cakes just to use one of those...congrats!

  4. How exciting! Aren't they pretty! I gotta get me some hens. I can't stand it.

  5. Thanks for sharing in my joy, everyone!

    @Chance: surgery isn't until tomorrow, thankfully *grin*.

    @schnookiemuffin: did some research, and found that organic goose eggs sell for around $10 per single egg. "Regular" goose eggs go anywhere from $15 for two to as low as $50 a dozen. Dayummm.

    @Julia: hens are so much fun, you'll love it.

  6. i wouldn't have been able to stand it......they'd have been in an incubator so fast, it'd have made your head swim! LOL LOL

  7. PS side money note: blown goose eggs are selling for about 2 bucks each for pysanky makers (pppl who make painted Ukrainian easter eggs and other egg crafts) so you could sell your goose egg and eat it too...blow it carefully, clean it, sell a dozen blown goose eggs on eBay.


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