"Can't They Do That At The Vet?"

Not specifically farm related, but...

Spouse and I were at the hematologist yesterday as part of pre-surgery preparations. I was told I'd need Spouse (or myself) to administer subcutaneous shots twice daily for a week, post-operation, to ensure there'd be no dangerous clotting issues. Blanching from being informed of his required help with my shots, Spouse blurted "isn't this something the nearby vet could do for you?"


I about fell over laughing.

[pic: Spouse with Red. And, uh, Spouse? "NO."]


  1. *eye roll* just like a man!

    well? IS the vet gonna do it? lol

  2. Funny. (Is it Lovenox? I had to inject that for 2 weeks post broken hip surgery; did it myself- not fun but it's doable.) Wishing you speedy recovery and healing.

  3. @jayedee - Ha! Nah, if it comes down to it, there's a new doc-in-a-box in town that I can go to.

    @Karina_Allrich - thanks for the well wishes. I don't recall the name of the stuff; it keeps getting blanked out by visions of injection needles *shudder*.

  4. next thing, he'll suggest you get your hair cut at the groomer's. lol.

    Hope everything goes well. :)

  5. Well, just to make it more fun...if it's lovenox, it hurts like heck...sort of like injecting spaghetti sauce, meatballs and all, into your stomach!

    I'd give the vet a try though...you may get a nice chew toy if you behave!

  6. @S_Vandemore: shhh, don't give him ideas...

    @warren: Urgh. Oof. *shudder*. I might NEED that chew toy to deal with the shot.

  7. Spouse needs to do his math! Getting the vet to do it would be, um, pricy - at least in THESE parts. Would be cheaper to spend the co-pay and have a true MD do it. ;)


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