Back in Gear

Oh-so-many things have been on the back burner these past few weeks: updates on the CSA veggie consumption, updates on the Independence Days project, and updates on the farm in-general. I've also been horribly remiss in keeping up with people's blogs and emails (sorry!). A lesson I'm still learning: life is not linear. It progresses in cycles, life to death, fast to slow, bright to dark, and back again. Mindfulness of these cycles will help you keep your sanity. Mom Nature is not a computer, and one cannot be on "full speed" indefinitely. So enjoy life when it slows. That way you'll have the energy to take advantage of the "full speed" times. With that unasked for advice in mind, I leave you with a pic taken at the 4th of July celebration in Minnesota, where I got to meet more of Spouse's extended family. Good people, good food, good times, and gorgeous land - looking forward to another visit in the future.

Now, back to the Farm!


  1. I have been feeling that lately. Large bursts of activity, followed by sitting and watching tv for periods of time.

    Which, btw, let me know what Friday or Saturay works for y'all for dinner.

  2. @schnookiemuffin - sent you an email :-)


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