Spouse Writes: Roos on the Run

Until recently we thought that the two White Leghorn roosters that (currently) have their freedom around the yard only knew how to do three things: eat, leave their, err, "processed remains" on the porch, and chase the women birds to show what manly chickens they are. Did I mention it often takes two manly Leghorn roos to corner one of our hens? These two free-ranging roos are on the short list for the short walk to the freezer. However, they have added a fourth skill: they can now recognize a fishing net at 10 paces and run for the hills. No, we don't have a koi pond. This is Texas and one northerner's koi is a Texan's over-dressed carp.

We have started to use a fishing net to capture roos on the run (hmmn - that sounds like a good name for a wing joint that delivers). Once they have been nabbed by the net the roos start howling like, well, extremely offended roosters - as if you slapped their Mama and called them "poor". Even though they're not involved, the roos sequestered in the bachelor's quarters also take offense, and they like the loose roos less than we do (there aren't any hens in the bachelor's quarters, you know). Once they see the net out they start hurling insults. I think one of 'em called D.A. an Oklahoma fan. I know, it's a local thing.


  1. HA! Now that's funny! An Oklahoma fan but at least they didn't call anyone an Alabama fan!


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