New Trailer

I was on my way to San Marcos on Tuesday to price out some trailers to tow behind the trusty Subaru. Saw this trailer with a "for sale" sign, parked at an antique store lot. Made a U-turn as soon as I could, and phoned the number on the sign. Talked with the owner, made a deal, and 30 minutes later had the trailer "in hand". Of course there was some drama in that I had to learn, on-the-fly, how to put together a ball hitch (at first I screwed it on upside down), but everything worked out and was able to safely haul the trailer home. Now waiting on a wiring harness from the local auto parts store - which should be in tomorrow - so the trailer brake lights will be powered and the trailer safe for the road.

Let me just holler Woohoooooo!!!! Less than half the cost of a new trailer, it will be perfect for hauling trees & shrubs, hay, mulch, lumber, and taking refuse to the dump. The Subaru did its best on all the above, but couldn't handle much volume. The trailer's prior owner was a local landscaper who made the wood structure on top. The structure is easily lifted off by the removal of a few connector pins. The trailer itself is a lightweight "folding" trailer, with lights and license already. Just need to get the license/tags updated at the county tax office.

The seller remarked that about a half-dozen folks had called about the trailer in the previous few weeks, expressing interest and promising to call back, but never did. Lucky for us, I hope! And the cost savings have made up for the extra expense of the soil I just purchased for the next orchard installation phase. Ahem.


  1. Lights? License? Now there's a trailer concept we rarely practice -- I have been reminded more than once that gypsies don't need no stinkin' license. Glad you are legal. Happy towing.

  2. I loved living in TN where lights and licenses were (apparently) not required. Neither I nor anyone I knew had either for their trailers.

    Anyhow, I bet you'll amaze yourself at all the new things you'll do with the new trailer too. Projects seem to find a way to me when I get new equipment!

  3. so jealous -- what a great trailer! A true roadside find. In the People's Republic of Verh-mont lights liscense excise taxes and all other manner of regulation are firmly in place.

    Still, I'm kicking tires of landscape trailers because 4 by 4's are not fitting in the Ford Focus too well.


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