CSA Veggie Adventure - Last Bag of the Summer

This is the last subscription delivery of the Summer season. It's a bittersweet acknowlegement that this season will soon be gone, although I'm sure that many living here in the sweltering heat are probably thinking "good riddance!"

In this week's final bag:
  • Tomatoes,
  • baby squash,
  • purple okra,
  • squash blossoms,
  • baby bell peppers,
  • eggplant,
  • potted basil plant (not shown),
  • and flowers.
Added bonus: the CSA is letting us keep two of their "cool" bags as a gift (the bags are lined with foam and a reflective material, and zip at the top).

The two ladies at the CSA booth say they're tired of tomatoes, but also that they'll miss the tomatoes once the cool season produce is in full swing. In foresight that I'd probably get a goodly bag of 'maters today, I picked up mozzarella at the grocer this morning, and will make a caprese salad for dinner tonight.

While at the grocer, took a look at the "raw foods" deli and saw how they used a spiral veggie cutter to make mounds of squash "pasta". Think I'll keep my eyes open for one of those gadgets. Wish I'd thought of something like that sooner - the compost pile might not have eaten so well this season!


  1. In Virginia our CSAs run through October generally however August can be a miserable month for farmers and members alike. Most are tired; the heat and lack of rain, most years is oppressive. I like the idea of taking off the month of August and starting again in September. Regarding tomatoes: my granddaddy used to pull up tomato vines (with green tomatoes on the vines) and hang them upside down in the basement. My Mom told me that they usually had fresh tomatoes through Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas. I have done this and had tomatoes into late fall but never as late as Christmas (I don't have a basement, but use a storage building). I think my granddaddy was a Garden Wizard. Enjoy the day. Mike

  2. Have you considered trying to grow some of the CSA veggies yourself next time, instead of paying for them? Just curious if you feel you got your money's worth out of the program.

    'Course, the deer have eaten all of our cabbage this season, twice -- so...


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