Independence Days Check In - July 20, 2009

Slow week last week, but a few things got done:

Plant something: Planted my butt next to the fan, perhaps, but otherwise nope. Too hot yet. Slowly gearing up to start seedlings. Trying to decide between a newspaper pot-maker or a soil blocker for seed starters.

Harvest something: Eggs from our girls, as usual. Two tomatoes from the garden. The tomatoes are suffering terribly in this heat.

Preserve something: Aha! Progress! Cooked up & pressure-canned chicken broth - my first time with a pressure canner. Also started a batch of kombucha. Will see if the grocery store has beef soup bones next time I'm there - wish to can beef broth next.

Reduce waste: Washed & set aside bottles for upcoming kombucha batch. Screw-top wine bottles for the win!

Preparation & Storage: Prep via reading - currently checking out "The Solar Food Dryer" by Eben Fodor (Mother Earth News). Stocked up on poultry & dog food. Going to try out alfalfa pellets for the geese, as there's so little tender greens available on the property due to the heat & drought.

Build Community Food Systems: not specifically food systems, but all our farms and gardens are in need of rain. There's a half-serious "rain dance" (by Mr. Bunny) scheduled in the Town Square today. Might stop by.

Eat the Food: garden tomatoes and CSA produce.

Source: Sharon Astyk's Independence Days Challenge

[Pic: Pullets hanging out in the trees - the three Sicilian Buttercups, one Leghorn, and one Jersey Giant who is looking a wee bit like a vulture in this photo.]


  1. Screw top wine bottles? Ripple or Thunderbird? I prefer TB myself.

    Hope the heat dissipates soon for y'all. It's been rainy and cool for the past couple of days here -- not looking like any kind of heat is going to return soon. We need some to ripen our maters.

    Hang in there. :)

  2. Snow: Boone's Farm for the win!


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