Ankle Beaters

In the afternoons, I do a bit of auto-hypnosis before napping that I'll wake up if the animals need my presence. On Thursday, I woke up with a start, and heard the geese having a fit. Ran out to the pen, and see that the pups are having a bad case of the stoopids, with one of them on her back, tail a-waggin', while the geese are attacking the holy crap out of her.

As I go in to break up the party, Godzilla accidentally smacks me on the ankle bone - hard - with his wing. Ka-waaaaang.... I could feel the impact's vibration all the way up my leg. I grab both dogs by the collar and throw them into their kennel. On the way back up the hill to check on the geese, could feel that something was wrong in my ankle. Since I was still walking, however, didn't think much of it.

I went ahead and got the afternoon chores done early, and laid back down. At 9:00PM, was awakened by eye-watering, amazing pain. Tried to get up, but any pressure on the foot with the injured ankle almost made me pass out. Thankfully, Spouse was home, and he rushed me into emergency, thinking I had a hairline fracture. As it turns out, no fracture, but have been ordered to keep the ankle wrapped and elevated through next week, and given a hefty prescription of pain-killers.

When I said that I was hoping to get some solid rest, I didn't think it would come about in this manner. Ah well!


  1. Well. This cured me. I am back to fearing geese. Does this put Godzilla in top running for an invitation to Christmas dinner?
    I am so sorry about your poor ankle... I suppose it's too much to hope that it's only a 24 hour sort of searing pain?

  2. It's all just part of farm life. You'll get over it. Good blog.


  3. @natalie, oh, don't fear the geese! Honest, it was an accident on Godzilla's part. He's NEVER attacked me, just a hiss now & then if I've startled him.

    @Staying Alive: thanks for the kudos, and I agree, it's all a part of farm life. Much prefer this than sub/urban living!

  4. The bumps, lumps, bruises and burns are the various badges we "farmers" collect over the years. Not as attractive as Boy Scout badges, but earned through hard work and hard knocks, nonetheless. My medicine cabinet is a plethera (love that word) of ace bandages, band-aids, liniments, and other remedies -- just so I can get through the week without a visit to the ER. Hope you are up and around -- at least by Thanksgiving. Take care.

  5. Poor ankle.

    Yup, farm/ranch life brings "badges." I still have a tiny scar on my knee from an accident on my parent's place as a kid.

    Re: rest...Gotta be real clear what you wish for! Next time, just say that you want some relaxation in the form of a nice bubble bath or long nap.

    Heal up/rest up well, okay? Love your posts. ;-)

  6. OMG!!! Okay, seriously reconsidering the notion of geese. Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy the drugs! ;)

  7. Geese are fabulous, and it sounds like it was quite unintentional on Godzilla's part. Geese that are badly behaved should be renamed Dinner. I really hope you feel better, after living a special moment in la vida farmlife...

  8. @farm mom, Chance: oh, it was definitely an accident. Godzilla is probably the calmest goose of the bunch, besides Miss Cecily. He was riled up by the dogs, is all.

    @S_Vandemore, P.Price: I get to add a cane to my farm survival trophy cabinet! w00t!

  9. Canes are cool. I gotta get me one at the thrift store. Great for getting sympathy, eh?

    Godzilla meant no harm -- you were just in his way. Us klutzes have a tendency to get in other things' way, don't we?


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