Queenie has a new home

Queenie was picked up by a wonderful woman on Sunday. Queenie's new home has geese, ducks, chickens and goats for her to harass. Elaine promised that Queenie would not be eaten (by the humans anyway), and I offered to Elaine that if the relationship with Queenie didn't work out that she was welcome to return her, no questions asked.

In the days before Elaine arrived to pick up Queenie, I would occasionally have pangs of guilt about giving Queenie away. Then I'd watch Queenie driving off Godzilla from the gaggle again and again, and think "B*tch, time for you to GO."

The gaggle quickly returned to a cohesive unit after Queenie's departure. That is, after they shook off the literal goose chase from 15 minutes earlier.

[pic: a happier Godzilla]


  1. I love chasing fowl when they are riled up! Hilarious is the only way to describe it!

  2. I think if you had some guineas, a day with them would have cured Queenie. You think geese are aggressive, guineas are stupid aggressive. They tear the tailfeathers out of the chickens if they are in "season." Little turds. I hope Queenie has found a nice home. That's all we really want for our critters, isn't it?

    BTW, I tagged you on a meme post on my blog. So sorry... but I had to. Totally voluntary, of course. Just visit my blog and follow the instructions, if you so choose. I owe you, of course. Thanks!

  3. @warren, hee! Rotten human!

    @s_vandemore - Elaine picked up Queenie with no fear, and in the proper manner to boot. I got a really good feeling from her, and like you said, just want Queenie to have a good home. A little comeuppance would be nice, too. ;-)

  4. If it's working out for the rest, then I guess it was for the best. I'm glad she found a good home.


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