Queenie and the Home Gaggle Update

Received an email from Queenie's new owner, Elaine:
"She seems to be fitting in just fine. [...] Our geese are still shunning her a little but they'll get used to her. In the meantime she has taken a liking to the pot-bellied pig Chester."
Interestingly enough, I've in-laws whose geese also like to hang out with the pigs on their property. Pig-headedness finding connection with real pigs? Has Queenie met her soul-mate? I'm thinking "yes".

On the home front, Godzilla is back into fine form, keeping the girls (and Billy-Bob) calm, safe and secure. The Pool O' Woo has been getting quite a workout as well. As soon as Godzilla hops in, one or more of the girls will hop in with him, then there's much head-bobbing and neck craning going on until The Deed Gets Done. ALL of his, ah, services were missed it seems.

[pic top: Her Majesty]

[pic bottom: The Studmuffin himself]


  1. The Pool of Woo! HA! I am laughing outloud! Glad the important business is working out!

  2. LOL! We've got that going on here too. (I'm referring to the ducks..ahem.) I like to call that head bobbing mutual consent! ;P

  3. Are your goosies confused about what time of year it is? There will be no hanky or panky in our barnyard until next spring. Too little light left in the day and getting too cold to raise youngins'. BTW, if things don't work out for Queenie in her new digs, you can always drop her off at a Nebraska hospital under our Safe Haven Law.

  4. @ farm mom: heh, ducks. Sure. ;-)

    @ S_Vandemore: it looks more like practice (Spouse calls it "near misses" and "air kissing") than serious baby-making. Then again, weather in south-central Texas is fair in the winter, so who knows if eggs/babies will come around.

    I'd love to see the look on the hospital personnel faces if a goose was left on their doorstep!

  5. You got me smiling hearing all the good news.


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