pic: maggie and chickens

I think Maggie's finally got it through her thick puppy skull that if she doesn't chase the chickens, she won't get put into the kennel during the day.

On the other hand, it seems the chickens may be viewing this as a weakness on Maggie's part, and evil plotting is commencing forthwith...

[Oh, how I envied Maggie her slumber. Hope to get a large chunk of that precious commodity after tonight's shift.]


  1. When we lived on a different farm, I came home from work one day to find 14 dead chickens -- our coon hound had gotten loose and waged a search and destroy campaign. It was not pretty.

  2. @S_Vandemore: ouch :-(.

    Thankfully, we've got these pups bonded to the birds; it's just been a matter of getting them past their puppy impulses. I've never been around livestock guardian dogs before (ours are Great Pyrenees), and I must say, they're pretty damn amazing.

  3. Neat looking dogs. Our German Shepherds like to chase the chickens, but they are smart enough to know what "no" means. The coon hound -- not so much.

    ps -- is that a new pic? really like it.

  4. Love the loitering, plotting hens... so ninja.

  5. @S_Vandemore - pic on blog page, or in comments? The comments pic is an old one. Both were taken with the Mac laptop camera and PhotoBooth software.


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