a geeky aside: new camera for the holidays

I previously asked Spouse for a Canon Digital Rebel Xsi DSLR camera for a combined holiday/birthday gift. Recent research on lenses, however, almost made me choke: I hadn't realized how pricey they were! I've rescinded my original request, and asked for a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28S instead.

All I really wanted in a camera was the ability to take some decent long-distance photos and action shots (more than one frame per second). This camera will do that and more, all for less than the cost of a single DSLR lense. Although this Panasonic model has fewer extras than the comparable Canon Powershot SX10, enthusiasts report that the Panasonic's controls are more intuitive*. Sold! I'll write up a review after the holidays, but hopefully whatever photos I take will say much more.

* Just because I'm a geek doesn't mean I'm interested or competent in all things technical. In the past, I've been known to cover the flashing "12:00" with electrical tape if it started to bug me. And don't even get me started on the abomination that are blue LED's...


  1. Please do post a review onthe camera. We've been using a Canon Rebel Xsi on loan and we love it and have been debating buying our own. I owuld love to find a way to get by cheaper! We basically use it for the same reasons you mentioned...can't wait!

  2. That Cannon with a lense is *really* nice.


  3. @warren: if you're photographically technical at all, the Panasonic will prolly feel like a big step down. I understand the quality of the photos lack in comparison as well, and the Pan's action-burst 13fps are saved at a low quality (but it will do 2.5 fps at regular quality). Regardless, I'll definitely write up a review.

    @Anonymous/Dave: hi! I'm sure it is... probably too nice for someone with my (lack of) patience and skills. :-)

  4. Hope Santa is good to you in the camera department! For Xmas this year, I think we've decided to visit our "local" antique mall and see if they have any cheap crocks/kitchen utensils/etc... for sale. That will be our present to each other I suspect.

  5. @S_Vandemore: WRT crocks, are you going to do some pickling or other lactofermentation foods?


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