pics: goose massage

The geese have a special, ah, "affection" for our pups. Actually, they have a special "affection" for anything and anyone outside of their own little group, and sometimes they'll even spread that "affection" amongst themselves. What am I talking about? Goose massage: honking and chomping on your person.

The pups' fur and skin is so thick and tough that when the geese get to chompin', the pups think they're getting some extra-cool lovin'. They'll lean into the gaggle during their ministrations unless one of the geese gets ahold of an upper lip. I'm teaching the dogs that it's okay to "say no to bad touch" and walk away. Mostly they'll just take the abuse... err, "affection" until the geese get bored and walk away. Spouse got some photos of last weekend's lovefest as proof in case the pups decide to obtain a restraining order. Too much affection is just too much sometimes.

Bandit getting some goose massage:

Maggie getting hers:

And just in case I was feeling left out, the geese make sure I get mine:

May you get yours, too ;-). Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi there, thanks for the comment on my blog. I've loved the pictures of your dogs and birds here! Nice blog.

  2. Ha!! That's great! Perhaps I can convice the hubby to let me get some geese if I explain their propensity for massages! :)

  3. Too cute! I guess ya'll are all part of the flock now, grooming and checking for tastey bugs! I guess that's just the way they show the love!


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