Project - Screen door protectors

The destructo-geese started the problem. They love to tug on anything that looks like a string. Our new (cheap) back screen door - with too many design flaws to mention - had a piece of rubber gasket sticking out of it's channel. Before a week was done, the geese had pulled the rubber gasket completely out of the bottom of the screen panel. Almost every day I'd snug the gasket back into place, and by that afternoon, the geese would have pulled it out again.

Then the pups noticed that the screen was often loose on the back door. Maggie started pushing herself through the loose screen, gingerly exploring the house until Spouse or I would noticed her presence and take her back outside.

Metal screen-door protectors run at least $30.00 a pop, and I couldn't see paying that much for one. So I made two out of metal diamond mesh (used to strengthen concrete structures) and drywall corner beading. One for the kitchen back door (that of the beleagured rubber gasket), and one for the other backdoor (where the geese had somehow managed to chew a hole into the screen). They're not gorgeous, but they're very sturdy, and will do the job well. Cost: about $7.00 each. Would have been less if I had not primed and painted.

Backdoor screen/Kitchen screen


The design is simple: cut the mesh panel to size, and use the drywall metal corners as the border (hammer it flat around the mesh edge). Screw into the door. Done!


  1. This works on kids too. My brother and I used to open the screen door with our feet. My parents did this and it helped. The also plugged it in to house current. I've been twitchey around doors every since!

    Kidding of course!

  2. @warren: wow, your folks were fancy... mine just duct-taped us kids to a chair!


  3. HA! My Grandpa-in-law tells of how his mom somehow hooked him to a clotheslines...much like a dog run. He could run back and forth along the line.

    My grandpa tells of his older sisters (4 of them) trying to hang him in the barn because he wouldn't do what they wanted. Glad it's easier now!


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