Mailbox and a Meme

It was only a matter of time. We'd been warned by our neighbors that it would happen sooner or later, and other neighbors were amazed it hadn't happened already. It finally happened this weekend: our mailbox got smacked by a baseball-bat wielding teenager.

Spouse has re-shaped the mailbox to the best of his ability, and it actually looks pretty good. Regardless, the fact the box got smacked doesn't bother me too much. Instead, it feels like we've finally been initiated into to the community.

Now to make the concrete-reinforced version of our roadside mailbox...

It's all El vigilante's fault:
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Six Random Things About Me:
  1. I get my hair cut by a barber. #4 on the sides, trim & thin out the top.
  2. I learned to ride a 2-wheel motorbike - a Honda 50 - when I was 6 years old.
  3. I'm proficient in two martial arts.
  4. I've used Macs since OS 6.x.
  5. I prefer red wine in the winter, and (gluten-free) beer in the summer.
  6. Oh yeah, I'm strongly wheat intolerant, and mildly dairy intolerant.
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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the wheat and dairy intolerances. Kind of ironic being that you live on a farm and all. That sucks.

    And about the mailbox, I'd deal with it in another way, i.e. stand out there and wait for the little bastards to return. I still have some mushy tomatoes in my garden.

  2. @s_vandemore: yep, the food intolerances suck, big time. On the other hand, I can handle goat's milk/cheese/yogurt, and Spouse has become a crackerjack gluten-free chef/baker.

    Heh, the idea of a surprise tomato shower for the vandals gave me the giggles.

  3. My wife has a wheat intolerance. She discovered it while trying to track down food allergies to fight arthritis, but for her the problem is mostly sinus-related.
    She can sneak in the occasional slice of pizza, but too much wheat and she gets a sinus infection.
    It certainly makes going out to eat difficult. Have you run into servers who insist: "It's white bread, not wheat ..."?
    Take care

  4. My grandad isn't the first to do this, but I liked his mailbox solution. Craft one nearly identical to the original out or a pirce of steel. Let some fool take a crack at a steel box and their hands will ring for a week!

  5. @Phillip, ohgawdyes... and to explain that white flour IS wheat flour while watching the server's blank stare makes me want to pound my head against the table.

    @warren, good idea! The one I was thinking of doing is getting a huge mailbox, putting in some concrete, then setting in a regular size mailbox in the center. It'll weigh a ton, and like the steel one you suggest (which might be the easier option), it'll leave the vandal with nothing but a broken bat afterward.

  6. "we've finally been initiated into to the community" That is hilariously true!

    The punks around here put firecrackers in the mailbox. My mom still has a window in her plastic mailbox.

  7. Well, nothing says "welcome" quite like "I smashed your mailbox", eh? Ever seen "Dazed and Confused"? At least you didn't lose a trash can, too. The tomato shower sounds cool.

  8. Mail box: Bummer.
    Meme: I Gotta wake up first.
    Allergies: Really huge bummer
    "It's white bread, not wheat ...": lol... sad and frustrating, but dumb things people say can make me laugh.


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