CSA Veggie Adventure Check In

The ongoing adventure in seeing how much CSA produce I can use up and not waste during the week...

What was in the CSA bag last week:
onions, kale, carrots, salad greens, mizuna greens, snow peas, turnips, and a small vase of flowers.

What I made: mixed salad greens with mizuna & carrots, wilted mizuna in an omelet, stew with onions, turnips & carrots, and snow peas mixed in with leftover Chinese. Admired the flowers.

What's still left to eat (thank goodness for Evert Fresh bags): onions & kale.

This week's haul: broccoli, spinach, dandelion greens, salad greens, onions, beets, and another batch of flowers (to admire, not eat).

I'm going to force myself to do something with those beets, I mean it this time. The compost pile is still "eating" far too well for my liking.

[Pic: Frau again. She's a very photogenic chicken.]


  1. We have a Barred Rock look alike :) go figure, her name is Anna Louisa, she is a real gabby hen. Also regarding the beets, we ordered a vacuum seal packer and froze lots of beets year before last, we are still eating them. Good thing last year was a disaster beet year.
    Este Later!

  2. What about making pickles out of them? Or dye for fiber? I'll spin all the beet-dyed wool you care to make. I've tried eating them....feh.

  3. @S_Vandemore - oh, I do eat meat, but since it's not included in the CSA bag, I don't blog about it. There was beef in the stew, chicken & shrimp in the Chinese takeout, etc. :-)


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