Independence Days Check In, Week #1

In a previous post, I spoke about Sharon Astyk's Independence Days Challenge. The ID Challenge is about learning and doing things that will help make your household more self-sufficient, as well as help educate neighbors and friends. There's a weekly check in, on Mondays, at Sharon's blog. I'll post here as well as there. Here goes the first week, with a refresher on the weekly goals:

1. Plant something
2. Harvest something
3. Preserve something
4. Reduce waste
5. Preparation and Storage
6. Build Community Food Systems
7. Eat the Food

Plant something: Nada.

Harvest something: First blackberries of the season, woo-hoo!

Preserve something: Purchased meat in bulk, portioned and vacuum-sealed for freezer. Froze extra goose eggs (raw, scrambled).

Reduce waste: See Preserve - bulk purchase of meats, vacuum-sealed to protect against freezer burn. Blew out too-old-to-eat goose eggs for a friend’s pysanky crafting. Took cans, bottles, cardboard and paper to recycling center.

Preparation & Storage: Purchased pharmacy-regulated cold medicines (Sudafed, etc.). Ditto batteries and a case of soy milk. Inventoried freezer items (meats, cheeses, veggies, etc.)

Build Community Food Systems: Sold eggs through our local co-op. Gave some goose eggs as gift. Agreed to take part in the co-op membership drive event; took flyers for the co-op event to give to neighbors and posted co-op flyer graphic on blog.

Eat the Food: Ate home-preserved sauerkraut, and ate a friend’s Flying Dragon orange marmalade.

[Pic: our gal Frau]


  1. Just started reading Sharon's book myself. I wouldn't mind doing the challenge myself, but about the only thing I'd be able to harvest right now is herbs!

  2. Ya doin' good!

    >Flying Dragon orange marmalade


  3. @Hill Country Hippie: herbs count! Come on, join in :-)

    @risa: Flying Dragon oranges are about the size of a walnut, full of seeds and gummy resin. The trees are more like bushes, with humongous thorns. The orange rind makes the best marmalade I've ever tasted. The seeds sprout true (no need to graft onto other stock). Friends have sent some of their seeds, so am sprouting some now. Woohoo!


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