Minnie Pearl the Chicken, RIP

Spouse thought Minnie Pearl might have had a dislocated hip. We decided to take her into the vet bright & early this morning. X-Rays showed instead of a dislocated hip, her knee was shattered and ligaments completely rent. Surgery was possible, but success highly unlikely. I decided it would be best to have Pearl euthanized. I held her as the overdose shot of barbiturate was injected.

Some might say "well, it's just a chicken", and I'd understand their sentiment. On the other hand, owning chickens has given me a whole new perspective on birds and bird personalities, and to me, chickens are no longer "just chickens". They're amazing, funny, silly creatures who not only entertain, but give us eggs to eat, too. So I'm crying some with Pearl's passing, but I also know this is part of farm life, and will be okay. I'll bury her beneath the big oak tree where our other deceased chickens lay. The cycle of life continues.

[pic: a few weeks back, Pearl enjoying her first day of freedom with a group dust bath. Many thanks to everyone for your support, and especially to MaryBeth for introducing me to Linda and her wise chicken healing ways.]


  1. I have been away too long and I look forward to catching up. Today's post is sad. And I appreciate your grief... I share it. Sincere caring and big (((hugs)))

  2. I'm so sorry. The poor creature, you made a tough but wise choice.

    I can hardly wait to have a few chickens of our own. I've heard they actually make fantastic pets. I can't wait to coddle my chickens.

    I'd be crying too.

  3. Not to be callous, but had you thought of instead of euthanizing her, of having her for dinner?

    If it were me, even though I love my girls, if it came down to it, and I knew it wasn't something systemic that was bad for me, I'd feel that eating her gave her a good purpose and a sortof "even though I liked you and cared for you, I'm taking you into myself quite literally."

    When I thought that Brunch might be on the outs, while she is one of my favorites, I was prepared to put an end to any suffering, but make use of her without any waste. Perhaps it's good I butchered one of the original batch of mine, while I'm attached to them, I've gotten over the first hurdle of their deaths.

    I'm sorry that your Minnie didn't make it, that totally sucks. You should come have some beer to help ease the pain.

  4. Thanks, Natalie, Genie and Scnhookiemuffin for the warm regards.

    Schnookiemuffin - perhaps if Pearl were bigger, but she was only 10 weeks old, not much more than a mouthful. And once I name them, well, that sorta nixes the whole butchering/eating thing for me :-). I'm a softie, I know.

  5. *hugs you* Anyone who says that has not kept and loved one, then. Bless you for your loving heart!

  6. Sorry about losing your hen. It sucks, but that's the reality sometimes. I'm sure today will be better. :)

  7. That's tough, and I'm sorry to hear it. My mother named all her chickens, and it was tough when they passed.

  8. I'm so sorry. Don't care if it's your chicken, your cat, your dog... they're living creatures who share your life, and it's sad when they pass out of it. I salute you for making the caring choice.

  9. I am so sorry. Minnie seemed like a very nice bird, even at 10 weeks her personality came through in all the pictures. Sounds like a hard choice, but IMHO, the right choice. It still sux.

    Now, this is a result of a goose attack, yes? So, I totally get why you didn't want to have chicken ala Minnie, but is that goose headed to the smoker?

  10. @Chance - didn't see which goose did the damage, unfortunately. Or fortunately for the goose ;-)

  11. That is sad. Chickens do kind of grow on you after a while. We have a flock who have personalities too. It would be hard to loose the good ones.

  12. Minnie Pearl the Chicken is entered in the list for remembrance.


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