Word to the Wise

Just so you know, Blu-Kote does indeed stain.

Okay, so here's the long story on what happened: the geese caught one of the pullets and banged her up pretty good, including pulling out some feathers from the top of her head. To keep the other chickens from picking at the injury, I sprayed some Blu-Kote so the red wound wouldn't be obvious. Being the overprotective chicken-mama that I am, of course I sprayed some on my arm first. D'oh! What can I say, at least I didn't get any on my shirt.

The pullet is resting in a box inside the house, as the other chickens kept pecking at her regardless of the dye job. She might have a pulled tendon, as she can move both thighs, but the power to her left foot is lacking. I'm hoping a day of rest will find her doing better tomorrow. At this time, she's eating, drinking, and softly trilling.

Spouse, we might want to consider making smoked goose this weekend...

[pic: the evidence, after several scrubbings. ]


  1. Bwahahaha! Your arm is a Rorschach test.

  2. What is Blue Kote anyway? Is it really for wounds, or is it like one of those Bingo daubers, or something?

  3. @Hill Country Hippie: Blu-Kote is a gentian-violet based ani-bacterial, anti-fungal spray. A vet recommended it to heal and disguise chicken wounds, so the other chickens wouldn't be attracted to pecking at the "fresh meat". Bingo dauber - hee! Forgot about those!

  4. So if you ever get the desire to impersonate Krishna or Kali, there ya go...

  5. The old-timers use black grease (like from a grease gun you use on a car.) It does work -- don't ask me how I know. ;) Hope little chickie pulls out of it--sounds like she will.

  6. I'm thinking chickie is going to be alright if you can keep others from pecking her. She might need some pampering. If she is anything like the chickens I know, she will start limping every now and then when she wants to get pampering for the rest of her life.


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