Independence Days Check In

Time for the Independence Days Challenge check in! I'm finding this weekly check in to be very helpful, as I sometimes think I'm not doing much, but looking back can see that indeed "stuff" is getting done. More about the Independence Days Challenge at Sharon Astyk's blog.

Plant something: Missed moon-cycle for planting above-ground produce such as new pasture grass and lettuce. Hope to make the next cycle.

Harvest something: Eggs, natch. The geese are starting to slow down their egg production once more, hopefully this is the last of the season. I want my sweet geese back!

Preserve something: Sorta - froze bulk garlic and ginger concoction, see Prep & Storage below.

Reduce waste: Continuing to re-use old and/or soiled critter drinking & pool water to water fruit trees, herbs, veggies and poultry pasture. Also using soiled water to keep compost pile “hydrated”.

Preparation & Storage: Purchased dried raisins, cherries, sliced almonds, ground flax meal. I use these in home-made oat-based meusli, of which I presoak a serving the day before in soy milk. Spouse got a good deal on fresh ginger and pre-peeled garlic at the asian grocer, and made a garlic/ginger blend, portioned and froze. Ordered 10# of food-grade diatomaceous earth.

Build Community Food Systems: Attended co-op “meet & greet” as a farmer/vendor, and gave presentation on differences between caged chicken eggs and pasture-raised chicken eggs. Red, White & Grew (twitter @redwhiteandgrew) used a quote and a photo of my preserves for an article on the MySanAntonio site - as I joked with her later, “does this mean my fifteen minutes of fame are up?”

Eat the Food: Not eating all that much, actually. Dental problems!

[Top pic: photo that was used in the article. Bottom pic: photo taken of me at my little vendor table, showing the differences in egg yolks, and talking everyone's ear off.]


  1. Wow, all your activities put me to shame! I may start thinking through categories/goals like you do.

  2. Before I try your suggestion about electrfying the fence I have to fight city hall. I don't know how that will turn out. If I lose I don't know what I will do with the chickens. I have really enjyed having them and hate to give them up. LivingLesson-meb

  3. @AccidentalHW - you are too kind, but thank you! I keep track daily of what I'm doing, else I'd forget by check in time. I'm sure you're doing much more than you think you are!

    @LivingLesson - argh, that's right, still gotta fight City Hall. I'm rooting for you!

  4. Oh, cool. Didn't know that I was helping you with the challenge in the post!

  5. Aren't you just the sexy little farm girl. :) Love the pic.

  6. @P.Price - indeed you did help! :-D

    @snow_vandemore - aww, shucks ma'am...

  7. @Hill Country Hippie: we share exquisitely good taste, that's for sure ;-)


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