Cool Tool Review: DockDogs Pet Carrier

I'd been looking for a portable crate that'd work for both the geese and chickens. Do you know what a pain in the tookus that's been? I finally saw a likely candidate at our favorite warehouse store, Costco. Spendier than the standard plastic pup crate, but after a recent vet visit, I am happy to report that it was well worth the money.

The DockDogs pet carrier has three different ways to put in a chicken or a goose - long-side, short-side, or from the top. (I've got the "large" version, 27"x20"x20") The top can be unzipped partially in such a way that a goose has enough room to stick her head out to stand and stretch, or look around. Pockets on top and back for food, paperwork, whatever you need. Washable by hose, because heaven knows geese can crap like champions. A cushioned floor pad (also washable) to absorb shocks on the dirt road out of our property. Lightweight but sturdy, using metal pipes for the frame. Easy to carry. What else can I say? Two thumbs up; highly recommended.

[Photos below can be enlarged by clicking on them. When I took the photos, I'd just gotten back from taking Miss Cecily (and a couple of other geese in a different crate) to the vet, so please excuse the poo'd towels - she can't help it.]


  1. I love ya, Deb, but you crack me up sometimes.

  2. @S_Vandemore: glad to be of service, m'lady! ;-)


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