Laying Low

It's been unseasonably warm for June, but now we're sliding towards July where these sort of temperatures are more the norm. Seasonable or not, the warmer weather means making sure the animals are kept cool and hydrated.

In the past, we put up shade tents in the goose & chicken pen. The shady grove on the other side of the house, however, is doing a much better job of cooling down the animals, and much less expensively. Every shade tent we put up last year got torn to shreds by the high winds. The oaks and cedars have no such problems with the breezes.

The animals all gather, and share the cool space with very little squabbling. They only leave the area if they get hungry, and once fed, head straight back to the grove. The geese stand in the pools, letting the water cool them down via the bare skin of their legs. The chickens keep a respectable distance from the geese, but will often lay close to wherever the dogs are. The dogs - heavily furred - have a knack for finding the coolest patches of soil. The Southwest wind blows hot, but the shaded area is a moderating force, along with the misting hoses. Everyone sleeps during the hottest part of the day, including myself.

Summer here could be considered, energy-wise, more like Winter up North. Everything slows down. Grass and gardens start going dormant due to the weather. Any outdoor work, voluntarily done, is rushed through. Now that the Northern Solstice has passed, however, the days will begin getting short once more, with a return to cooler weather and increased activity not too far away. Until then, we're all laying low.

[Pics: top: geese in the pools - the shade covers the area more fully after morning passes. Bottom: Frau sleeping with Bandit.]


  1. OT but Have you seen Redneck Mother's posts about her hens?


  2. LOVE Redneck Mother - watched the vid again, just because it's so cute. :-)

  3. Now, how long have you lived in Texas? You really think it's going to cool down anytime soon? I'm thinking mid-October!

  4. HCH - hope (idiocy?) springs eternal ;-)


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