Video: Young Roosters Crowing

The roo's are still in the cute stage, their voices cracking when attempting to brag about... well, anything. Not yet at the age where they're fighting dirty for dominance, or over the ladies. In this uncut vid, I'm "egging" them to crow, and they oblige:

[While playing this vid, the roo's overhead the crowing, and started crowing again... cute!]


  1. They are so cute with their very distinctive "here-let-me-stand-up-straight-for-this" crowing.

    Very cute.

    Are you still up for butchering them?

  2. @schnookiemuffin - yep, still up for butchering - probably later this summer, once they're fully filled out. Can't have 10 roosters running around this place. :-)

  3. Oh, I love this stage...it's so hilarious listening to them get their voices!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I remember those days - we had 14 or 15 roosters before the butchering party. Too bad they have to grow up. How's the toofies?

  5. @S_Vandemore: I'm on a second round of antibiotics; hoping this will do the trick!

  6. Not sure who's funnier - you or the roos!


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