New Bachelor Pad

Nine randy boys were caught by fresh corn-on-the-cob and a very big fish net, and introduced to their new digs on Saturday.

We combined the original long chicken run that the pullets used with the addition of a round, wired "corral". The run floor is covered with hay and several perches for evening snoozing, and the corral has plenty of dirt to scratch. The Taj Mah'Chicken* it ain't, but it's spacious and sturdy. The run and corral are both under the shady cedar tree grove plus covered over the top in shade cloth, but the roos can still get afternoon sun if they wish at the far end of the run. 'Course, with heat being in the upper 90°'s F, there's not too much interest in hanging out in the sunshine at the moment.

The wiliest (and rudest, and randiest) of the bunch - heck, let's call him "Barry" - has tried six ways from Sunday to escape. He even somehow managed to climb the corral wiring, and attempted to squeeze out from between the top of the fencing and the shade cloth. Wish I'd had my camera, it was an impressive effort! Poor boy; when any of the girls come by, he races around the corral and clucks mournfully.

Two roosters were picked out for the Hen Protection Squad - the lone Barred Plymouth Rock roo, and one of the lucky (very lucky) Leghorns. I said a little prayer to the Universe asking for help picking out the best Leghorn roo for the girls. As soon as I finished, one of the roos walked up next to me and looked me square in the eye. He got picked. He better live up to expectations, tho' - there's plenty of roos who'd be more than happy to take his spot.

As for the corralled bachelors, it makes me a little sad to have them sequestered away from the girls, but the hens were getting so stressed by the constant attention that egg production went way down. Only a day and a half since the sequestering, and the girls are now back to their normal production.

*Phrase taken from the name of Auntie's Jan & Karen's palatial chicken coop. Think my girls are spoiled? Hah!

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