New Fruits

Of all the goji plants, I never expected this particular one to fruit; especially in the first year. It resides in a particularly hot & sunny area, and was looking pretty sad the first six weeks or so after transplant. Lo & behold the fruit! I'm now watching closely to see at what point the berries are "ripe" versus "overripe", so I know when to pick.

Another plant that I didn't expect to fruit: the lone fig still in the rooting bucket. We planted two figs in the garden last year, and although they're growing like gangbusters, there's still no fruit. But the little bucketed one has three figs popping out. Go figure.

[click the pics for bigger view]


  1. Those goji look beauteous. How are you planning to use them? Not quite sure what goji are used for, although I know they are an anti-oxidant Good Thing.

  2. My acupuncturist just prescribed goji berries for me, soak 1/2 hand full of dried berries in water then drink the water and eat the berries. good for my adrenal system.

  3. Last year up until Dec. I was pretty handy with tools. Then I fractured my elbow whic has not healed well, so I have very limited use of my right arm. I have had to learn to eat with my left hand. This year I have had to hire everything done for me. I can carry one gallon of water out to the chickens..sort of by bracing my arm and hand against my body. I guess i won' be using hammers or tools in the future.

  4. my parents had fig trees (on the coast) when I was growing up. Biggest problem was fighting the mockingbirds for the figs. I think they're pretty indestructible but I haven't seen any this far north.

  5. @virgotex: believe it or not, my father-in-law grows them up in Iowa, of all places. He keeps them in large, wheeled containers, and overwinters them in a special insulated room off the garage. Amazing!

  6. @MEB: hope your elbow heals fully - wow, that must be frustrating!


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