Video: Hormonal Attack Geese

The geese are now done with the egg-laying season, and back to their sweet selves. This video will serve to remind me, however, that this will be a yearly event, and to be prepared with thick jeans, gloves, and other self-protection come around next February through May. Mama loves her goozuls, yes she does!


  1. And we are reminded why the Romans used geese as guard animals!

    When I was on exchange at the University of York in England, there were signs posted during nesting season: "Caution, aggressive geese". And they were!

  2. Thinking about getting geese.Good "buyer beware" video.

  3. Yup, feathered attack dogs. Be careful you don't lose an arm or a leg!!

  4. that was sort of terrifying.

    also not at all unlike my parrot when he's hormonal. Balls to the wall, straight ahead, fearless.


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