Coopus Interruptus

The roosters have discovered "girls". Girls are neat! Hey, you're a girl, let me jump on you! The rooster's libidos have turned on with the power of a freight train, and they're just as subtle with their intentions. If it were only one or two young roosters, the girls would have no problems keeping them in line. Eleven* Ten roosters, however, are turning out to be a problem. Even the snarliest of the girls - Nutmeg - is hard pressed to keep the roosters intentions in check.

I had planned on building the new chicken coop this week. Instead, I'm bringing back the large covered chicken run, and will install an extra corral at one end. Come nightfall, nine* eight unlucky roosters will be plucked from their sleep spots in the cedar, and plunked into a wired monastery. Poor boys.

[Edit: did some research, and the one Leghorn rooster I thought might be female actually IS female - females look like a slightly less showy version of the males. Tail feathers not as abundant, "jowls" and crest not as large. VERY lucky chicken.]


  1. I think your moving the roosters to the monastery will be quite an experiment in gender identity. Poor fellas!

  2. Yeah, I do feel bad for them, but they're really hassling the girls. Maybe buy them a plushie stuffed-toy chicken for female company?

  3. I will be doing a live interview segment on the chickenwhisperer.blogspot. radio show out of Atlanta,GA. I have already done one, trying to buck the system and save my chickens. They called me..I didn't call them.


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