good dogs!

6:15 AM, and I'm awake [is this one of the signs of impending world doom?]. I decide to get up and enjoy a bit of quiet and coffee before starting chores.

Looking out the window, I see Bandit is - of course - hanging out on the poultry side of the primary pen. Maggie is on the pup side, the memory of nosing the electrified fence still fresh on her mind, I suppose.

Billy-Bob the goose is giving Bandit what-for, chomping on her fur. Bandit finally has enough, and gently stands up and turns full circle around. Billy-Bob backs down, and harrumphs over to the rest of the flock. Bandit lays back down at attention, watching the flock and all around her. Good dog!

Maggie must have heard something in the house as I was getting coffee ready. She's looking towards the house, searching for anything amiss. Not the "oh goodie, is the human coming out with treats?" look, but "I heard something funny, what's up?" look. Good, good dog!

I realize I ask a lot of these pups, but it appears they're up to the challenge. I'm a happy girl right now.

[pic: Maggie and Bandit, in the secondary pen, taken at sunset yesterday.]

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