A Polite Request

Bandit enjoys getting into the goose pen at night. Not that its a big deal at this point, mind you. She and the geese (and the chickens) get along just fine. Matter of fact, if Bandit is in the pen and the geese are walking by outside, Bandit will shove her whole body, length-wise, against the fence. The geese - bullies that they are - will squawk and gnaw on her through the fence as if they're the biggest bad-@sses on earth. Bandit gets her back scratched, the geese get their machismo on, everybody wins.

[Night-time is more peaceful between the species. The geese sleep close to the kennel partition near the pups, and the pups do the same near the geese. Perhaps the geese know who the actual bad-@sses are, and stay close for protection.]

Yesterday I walked over to the pen to let the geese out for their afternoon forage. Came upon Bandit straddling the kennel partition with her front half OVER the fence into the goose pen, back half still in the kennel. Smiling that goofy Great Pyrenees smile, she's just standing there while the geese are squawking and chewing on her. When she finally notices me staring, she sheepishly flips her backside into the goose pen (the geese scatter at that point), gives herself a shake, and then trots over to the gate where I'm standing, acting as if nothing's amiss.

Once again, I realize a fence is just a polite request to these pups. Thankfully, they're also growing up to be polite pups. Most of the time.

[Vet visit later this morning. Laying bets that the pups are close to 50 lbs at this point.]

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  1. That's a funny picture... *Half-Over Rover.* Animal dynamics are amazing.


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