Monday is "get back to work" day

I've felt like a lazy bum since last Monday. Not much more done than taking care of the critters. This Monday, however, there's a backlog of items needing to get done. First and foremost on the list is gardening.

1. Need to plant the last fig cutting, which came from a tree that was smuggled brought over from Italy by Spouse's grandfather many years ago. We have no clue what type of fig it produces. "What kind of fig is it?? It's from ITALY! That's all that matters!"

2. Two pomegranate bushes that also need to be set into the side garden beds. One was mangled by the pups, but is gamely hanging on. We hope it will survive the transplant and any further puppy onslaughts.

3. And last, but not least, two peppermint plants - one standard green, one variegated. They'll be planted in the northeastern garden bed, next to the condensate drip. Mints are such garden thugs that I'm not too worried about them surviving winter around here. Surviving the geese, however, will be another story. Stay tuned.

[photo: chickens on the straw hat. They appear to be appalled at the strange thing on my head. Click the picture for a better view of their expression.]

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