the milkman's dog

Was reading that Bandit's coloring is not the AKC approved version for her breed, the Great Pyrenees (aka Pyrenean Mountain Dog). The horror! Idly wondering if her mom had a thing going on with the milkman's dog, did some further research on GP coloration. Turns out, black & white is indeed a GP color, just not a "show-dog" color. According to the k9s.supanet site:

"It is similar in size, shape, and coat texture to the Newfoundland, which unlike the Pyrenean usually has a black or brown coat. However, the Landseer Newfoundland and a Great Pyrenees with dark patches on its coat are difficult for the layperson to tell apart."

Well okay then! Not that Bandit gives a rat's @ss, mind you. Call her a bastard's get, call her a Newfoundland, just don't call her late for supper.

Aside: It looks like Bandit's guarding instincts are starting to kick in. Keeping my fingers crossed that Maggie's will be following shortly.

[photo: Bandit on the upper left, Maggie on the lower right. But you knew that already.]

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