Latest "in" spot: the porch

The geese are now hanging out on the front porch on a regular basis. The chickens have recently discovered the pleasures of the porch as well, and the roo's* like to crow from the railing. I already know that the pups love it, and would hang out there too if I'd let them - which won't happen until we get the proper fencing installed around the property. I'd rather keep them in the larger, shaded pens with freedom of movement than tied up on the porch.

Anyhow, current issue: all that lovely bird poo. You simply must see to believe how much geese can crap in an hour. It's a royal mess. Current solution: set the hose sprayer to needle-fine and fast, and blast the leavings off the porch and into the front garden beds. This manner conserves the most water, gives the front garden beds a drink and some fertilizer, and provides a little bit of evaporative cooling.

The routine leaves me feeling like a Parisian shopkeeper, hosing down the walk in the morning to get rid of all the previous day's "leavings". Now, it's been 20 years since I was last in Paris, so perhaps the dogs, pigeons and humans are no longer making as free use of the walls and sidewalks as they used to. Wait, scratch that: hopefully the humans are exercising more discretion. Dogs & pigeons? "Bonne chance!"

*The person who responded to the Craigslist ad never called to pick up the roosters. Will have to list the rotten little farts again.


  1. Our yard has way too much concrete, and I joke about *swabbing down the poop deck,* in my best piratey voice... ooh arghh!
    Good luck with those roosters.

  2. @natalie, ohmigoodness, almost shot coffee out my nose with laughter! Yarr indeed!


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