Chicken Ball!

From the department of "you gotta see it to believe it": Nutmeg the Chicken-Dog and Maggie, playing with a large, pink plastic bead (far left towards bottom). Yes, it really happened. Maggie would pick up the ball and throw it into the air, and Nutmeg would chase after it. It only lasted for about a minute, but I do believe a breakthrough in poultry/canine relationships was reached.

[and I caught a photo of it!]

On an unrelated note: Spouse baked two gluten-free baguettes yesterday afternoon. I'm currently at work, eating warm baguette slices with butter and black cherry spread, along with a piping hot cup of café-au-lait. It brings back memories of Paris and the cheap (but tasty) petit déjeuner the youth hostels would serve in the morning. I'm a happy, happy girl. Cheers!

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